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Where & When?

Cambridge Lindy Exchange 1st & 2nd of November 2024 (Cambridge, England)
La Nuit Swing 21st of September 2024 (Paris, France)
Grenoble Swing, 20th anniversary swing festival
13th of September 2024 (Grenoble, France)
Jazz Vitoria Festival 20th & 21st of July 2024 (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain)
Jazz Aux Sources Festival 17th, 18th & 19th of May 2024 (Châtel-Guyon, France)
Blue Monday Festival 21st of January 2024 (Porto, Portugal)
Balboa Barcelona Festival
2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 & 28th of October 2023 (Barcelona, Catalunya)
Festa Major de Gràcia 20th of August 2023 (Barcelona, Catalunya)
Porto Swing Jam 18th & 19th of August 2023 (Barcelona, Catalunya)
Sitges Balboa Beach 22nd of April 2023 (Barcelona, Catalunya)
Sevilla Swing Festival 23rd of April 2022 (Sevilla, Spain)
Black Forest Hop June 2020 (Freiburg, Germany)
Django Liberchies May 2020 (Liberchies, Belgique)
Swing Revolution Dance Camp April 2020 (Leeds, England)
Swing Kultur's Balboa Workshop November 2019 (Stuttgart, Germany)
Barswingona March-April 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 (Barcelona, Catalunya)
Stir It! November 2017 & 2018 (Zürich, Switzerland)
Cambridge Lindy Exchange October 2018 (Cambridge, England)
Amsterdam Lindy Exchange September 2018 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Chase June 2018 (Heidelberg, Germany)
Copenhagen Lindy Exchange May 2018 (Copenhagen, Danmark)
Menorca Lindy Exchange by Jazzobert May 2017 & 2018 (Menorca, Catalunya)
Shake The Cotton Lindy Hop April 2018 (Zaragoza, Aragón)
La Violeta February 2018 (Barcelona, Catalunya)
Blue Skies October2016 & 2017 (Lisbon, Portugal)

Nits De Jazz August 2016 (Platja d'Aro, Catalunya)
Museum of Catalá History June 2016 (Barcelona, Catalunya)

Plaza de la Virgen Blanca July 2015 (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country)


Personnal awards
Drummer Mart
í Elias, with Professor Cunningham:
Top Rated Band 2016 + Best Rythm Section,

@ The World Jam's Swing Music Awards
(Madrid, Spain)

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Swinging jazz band from Barcelona & Paris
which will make you dance all night long!!! :-)


"Everysense I heard Bumpy Roof play in Barcelona I was thinking about bringing them to the Chase Festival in Heidelberg! Finally I took the opportunity in 2018 and both my customers and I loved it! They were so easy going and competent during set-up and always there to start the sets so that I did not need to worry about anything! I can highly recommend them for you event, specially if you want people to dance a lot!" - Ali Taghavi, Chase Festival

"Bumpy Roof Band came to entertain us for a whole weekend of lindy hop dance exchange, playing every night and we could not have enough of their music!
All the dancers had a fantastic time dancing to music played by incredibly talented musicians. We didn't want to miss any of the songs! They brought a superb atmosphere and really made the event a huge success.
There were so many dancers who commented that this was the best event in the history of this exchange and this was largely down to this amazing band who are so much fun to have around.
We miss them sorely and hope they will come back to play for us in the near future!
Muchas gracias Bumpy Roof, you are the BEST!"
Cambridge Lindy Exchange 2018

pecial guest on voice Monique B Thomas

Juli Aymi clarinet, voice
Julien Silvand trumpet, voice
Josep Tutusaus trombone
Marc Martín piano
Queralt Camps bass
Martí Elias drums
David Casamitjana album's sound engineer

In the beginning of 2015 Juli Aymi and I created "Bumpy Roof Band" with all our energy.
We met in a Swing festival in Valencia, where we did the whole Lindy Hop Festival dance all night long.

With drummer Martí Elias, specialized in Swing and Lindy Hop style, we give the very best of us to have the pleasure to contaminate the audience with our rhythm.
With trombonist Josep Tutusaus the "Bumpy Roof Band" has the typical explosion of melodic jazz trio. Queralt Camps gives with her bass the so strong sweetness of the wood to the service of music. And Marc Martín brings one of the biggest jazz feelings you
can have with a piano...

The reason of our association is clear: we know and we appreciate each other, and we want to play music together all around the world!
The first concert of " Bumpy Roof Band" was a success and was recorded live. The album is released during our concerts
, or here (10 € for digital/physical/or both versions on demand): (France + other countries) (Catalunya + other countries)

En el principio de 2015 Juli Aymi Duran y yo creamos "Bumpy Roof Band" con toda nuestra energía. Nos encontramos en un festival de Swing en Valencia, donde hicimos bailar Lindy Hop a la gente del festival.

Con el baterista Martí Elias Vinyals, especializado en el estilo Swing y en Lindy Hop, damos una importancia muy grande al placer de tocar para contaminar al público con nuestro ritmo.
Con el trombonista Josep Tutusaus la "Bumpy Roof Band" tiene la explosión típica del trio melódico del Jazz. Queralt Camps al contrabajo da la dulzura tan fuerte de la madera al servicio de la música. Y Marc Martín lleva uno de los más intensos "feelings" que podéis tener con un piano...

La razón de nuestra asociación es evidente: nos conocemos, nos apreciamos mucho y queremos tocar música juntos en el mundo entero!
El primer concierto de "Bumpy Roof Band" fué todo un éxito y fué grabado en directo. El disco está a la venta durante nuestros conciertos, o aquí (10 € versión digital/física/o las dos, cómo prefieres): (France + otros paises) (Catalunya + otros paises)

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